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Abe Docks Corp. provides outstanding marine construction services. We repair, build, install and maintain all your waterfront property needs, making sure it fits perfectly with the surrounding environment.

We are fully licensed and insured to perform marine construction services on your property. We ensure that the end result of every project is a sturdy, long-lasting construction which is also pleasing on the eye.

We take pride in offering the best possible customer service experience we can provide together with outstanding workmanship. This is exactly how we ensure every client is thoroughly satisfied with the jobs we complete.

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We construct, install and maintain all types of bulkheads to protect your shoreline or reinforce your harbor dock.


Marine Construction

We offer a range of Marine Construction services for your home or your business. No job is too big or small for our team.


Floating Docks

We construct & install solid, reliable and professional floating docks. We only use the best materials for every job.


Seawall construction

We construct seawalls that help to protect your property from hurricanes, heavy rains, and erosion.


Coastal Plantings

We consider the marine environment and the coastal area before planting. Choose from a variaty of plants.



We are experts at constructing, installing & maintaining marine stairways for your home or business.

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Best workmanship

We pride ourselves in outstanding workmanship on every single project.

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We offer excellent work and service at competitive rates. Contact us for an estimate.

Customer Service

We care about every client we work with because we value long term professional relationships.

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